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Explore our Wine Pairings

We are pleased to now offer wine pairings with your meal to further enhance your home dining experience. Each week, our Head Sommelier Xavier Vigier will curate a selection of wine pairings by the glass to complement the menu. 


This week

Ten Minutes by Tractor Discovery | $65

Octopus salad, grilled beans, chilli, tamarind dressing

2019 Ten Minutes by Tractor Estate Pinot Gris

Thai spiced fish and potato croquettes

2018 Ten Minutes by Tractor McCutcheon Chardonnay


Marinated chicken skewers, satay dipping sauce

2018 Ten Minutes by Tractor Wallis Pinot Noir

Yellow chicken curry, coconut rice

2021 Ten Minutes by Tractor Estate Riesling

Tapioca pudding, fresh mango

2020 Ten Minutes by Tractor 'Sweet Allis' Cordon Cut Sauvignon Blanc


Our Wine Program

We are pleased to offer our home dining customers two wine pairing options curated by Head Sommelier Xavier Vigier. These  pairings feature producers that inspire us from around the world and are perfectly matched to our changing menus.

At Ten Minutes by Tractor, the wines offered on our list are wines that hopefully will teach us something about a variety, a region, a vineyard, the winemaking and the people who have contributed to producing them. The vineyards, the passion and the seasons all come together to offer us something very special to enjoy and to match with the multitude of flavours on our menu.

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